Wednesday, August 10, 2011 by Thomas Phillips


No one listens to radio anymore. Everyone has an iPod or a smart phone or satellite radio. Like music, news and talk programing have migrated to digital distribution. NPR has reported an increase in listenership since they launched their iPhone App in 2009. In addition to its stand along mobile app, NPR and its public radio affiliates have started releasing programming as podcast.

Like a blog, a podcast is an audio file that is delivered to iTunes or other audio programs via RSS feeds. These files sync to audio players as new episodes are delivered. As with other digital media distribution methods, podcasts have opened the door to small or niche content producers. Podcasting has given a space for programming focusing on any range of topics that would never find their way onto traditional talk radio formats (or television for that matter).

Tech related programing has been at the forefront of podcasting. Here are a few really good examples to get you started.

Buzz Out Loud: BoL is CNet’s flagship daily tech news podcast. The show is hosted by CNet’s executive editor Molly Wood and Brian Tong. Each weekday they discuss trends, industry news and product launches. Wood and Tong are outspoken advocates for software patant control and open media culture.  Taping of each episode is live online 1:30pm. The podcast is available as both audio and video.

Tech News Today: Like Buzz Out Loud, Tech News Today is a daily show that covers breaking tech news. Because of its later record time, it can cover afternoon news. TnT is anchored Tom Merritt and a rotating cast of industry co-hosts. The podcast is available as both audio and video.

The Talk Show: The Talk Show, on the growing 5by5 network, is a weekly show that covers Apple, mobile and web design. The show is hosted by Dan Benjamin (software developer and UI designer) and John Grubar ( Each week they discuss news related to the Mac, iPhones & iPads, and mobile web technology.

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