Computer Repair

Chicago Computer and Laptop Repair

These days, computer problems are commonplace. After years of heavy use, your laptop or desktop will begin to slow down. Viruses and spyware can take their toll on even the most cautious computer user. Comset Computers' computer repair and laptop repair specialists are here to help extend your computer's life.

Virus Removal: We can take care of all your nagging computer problems - from the annoying spyware to those tricky viruses. Our computer and laptop repair team has the training and experience to clean up any problem.

Hardware Upgrades: Have you found that your computer's hardware can no longer handle the latest games? There is no reason to buy a new system when you can have the skilled technicians at Comset Computers upgrade your desktop or laptop.

Storage Upgrades: You never have to worry about your hard drive filling up again. Comset Computers has a full range of hard drives and backup solutions. You can never replace your digital images, music or movies, so why risk it? Upgrade to a new external hard drive or a top of the line Solid State Drive.

Let the skilled computer and laptop repair technicians at Comset Computers handle all your upkeep needs. Why risk mailing your computer back to the manufacturer when you can bring it into our two convenient locations on Chicago's north side? For more information stop in or call us today!